shoeless-art-imageThe Shoeless, release Fall 2014

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For track listing / more info on The Shoeless debut album, click here

The debut release by The Shoeless features a wide range of traditional and new folk tunes, including sounds of Klezmer, French, German, Appalachian, English, plus some quirky originals by Eli, Frank and Emilyn. The music they play is a tribute to the wacky travels their lives take them on, each tune learned in a different part of the world with a unique story attached to it. The Shoeless arrangements have a large playful element to them, with no commitments to any particular style, but an appreciation for many. With cello, fiddle and banjo all taking turns on rhythmic chopping, swooping melody lines, and wacky acoustic musical adjectives, The Shoeless sound will have you groovin’ and smilin’ in your seat!

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